Lawyers To Help You After A Serious Dog Bite

Dog bites and attacks may not always result in catastrophic injuries, but many serious attacks leave muscle damage, deep tissue tears, and physical and psychological scarring that can last a lifetime. Children, in particular, are often the victims of dog bites and, unfortunately, the face is one of the most common areas for scars.

If you or your child suffered a dog bite or pet attack injury in Kentucky, talk to an animal bite trial attorney at Thomas, Dodson & Wolford, PLLC, in Louisville. We will review the circumstances of your claim and explain your options for pursuing compensation from the pet owner.

Do You Know The Dog Owner? We Offer Discreet Representation.

We know that many dog bite victims are friends, neighbors or even relatives of the pet owner. That makes it very awkward to sue for damages. It may help to know that a significant percentage of dog bite injury settlements are made against the pet owner's homeowners insurance policy. We negotiate through the insurance company's agents and handle the investigation and gathering records and reports with discretion. In many cases, the actual cost of compensating you for your injuries and financial damages will be restricted to insurance premium costs.

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