Attorneys For People Injured On An Unsafe Property

Property owners and contracted management companies are held to high standards regarding maintaining commercial and public properties in safe conditions. Under the law in Kentucky, a property owner may be held financially liable if a customer or visitor is injured or dies as a result of a hazardous condition that could have been identified, removed or repaired.

Premises liability claims (sometimes referred to as slip-and-fall accidents) are becoming increasingly difficult to win in court in Kentucky. Insurance companies know that juries are beginning to limit the property owner's liability and expect the injured party to take more responsibility for avoiding a hazard. However, property owners may still be held liable for an injury or death in a lawsuit if there is evidence that the injured party could not have known about nor avoided the hazard. (A falling light fixture or assault injuries suffered in an unlit business parking lot for example.)

If you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in an accident resulting from property owner negligence in Kentucky, talk to a premises liability attorney at Thomas, Dodson & Wolford, PLLC, in Louisville. We are proud to be recognized as a stable, responsive law firm with a record of helping our clients achieve full and fair settlements and jury verdicts, in cases that proceed to trial.

Our experience extends to injuries and wrongful death claims related to:

  • Building design and construction defects
  • Unsafe stairs and railings
  • Retail store accidents
  • Unsafe parking lots and ramps
  • Public and private playgrounds
  • Dog bites, on the pet owner's property or elsewhere

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