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Thomas, Dodson & Wolford, PLLC, wrongful death attorneys represent individuals and families that have lost loved ones because of negligence or misconduct on the part of another individual or corporate entity. Under Kentucky law, a wrongful death lawsuit may be brought against a liable party up to one year after an Administrator or Executor is appointed for the victim's Estate, if the Estate is opened within one year after the victim's death.

What Damages Can You Seek After Losing A Loved One In A Fatal Accident?

Like any negligence claim, the first part of the case will involve proving that a party or parties can be held liable for causing the injuries that resulted in death. This can include a lawsuit against an individual negligent driver or property owner. Claims can also be filed against product manufacturers and equipment installation or maintenance companies that failed to meet safety standards required by law.

After proving liability, the second part of a successful case will include placing a monetary valuation on financial damages resulting from the loss of life and the victim's pain and suffering before death. This will include actual financial damages for medical bills accumulated as a result of the injury. The total amount of damages will include the loss of immediate wages while the victim was off work for hospitalization and recovery, as well as potential earnings lost over the expected working lifetime. The financial recovery may also include intangible losses related to emotional loss to the spouse and minor-aged children, as well. We work with specialists and experts to determine the full and fair value of the compensation you are entitled to.

"Awarding monetary compensation through the civil courts is the only way our society has for providing a sense of justice to the surviving spouse and family members. You will find us compassionate, responsive and hardworking to help you." John Dodson, senior partner

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