Motorcycle Accidents

Thomas, Dodson & Wolford, PLLC, in Louisville, aggressively represents clients injured in motorcycle accidents anywhere in Kentucky. We are recognized as a leading personal injury litigation firm with years of experience in all areas of insurance settlement negotiations and trial.

We represent victims of motorcycle injury cases resulting from:

  • Accidents caused by an uninsured or underinsured car driver
  • Accidents caused by a distracted or texting car driver
  • Accidents caused when a car driver didn't see the motorcycle
  • Accidents caused by a drunk driver
  • Accidents caused by a speeding or reckless driver
  • Motorcycle passenger injuries
  • Motorcycle being forced off the road

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Who Don't Let Them Blame The Victim

Blaming the biker is a common tactic by insurance companies when trying to reduce the amount of a personal injury claim or deny compensation to the injured parties. We know the laws and how motorcycle accidents commonly occur. Don't talk to an insurance adjuster until you learn your rights. Talk to one of our attorneys right away.

If you were seriously injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, either as the biker or passenger, call us at 502-426-1700 or use the email form on our Contact Us page to arrange an opportunity to discuss your personal injury or wrongful death claim with one of our lawyers.